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Product Details of Autonomous Food Delivery Robot Waiter Restaurant Robot Hotel Robot Service Robot

PandaBot W02

Panda RoBot Robot Waiter Restaurant Fast Food Delivery Robot บริการหุ่นยนต์

integrates technology, simplicity, and fashion, presenting a cool and cute appearance that captivates the eyes. Its arrival redefines "commercial service robot" by providing a variety of services, including delivery, guidance, and reception at events. With features like photography, autonomous greetings, and voice interactions, PandaBot H01 truly embodies the values of "commercial" and "service," offering a delightful and interactive experience.


Basic parameters

-Charging :3-4h.

-Speed : 0-1.2m/s

-working time on a single charge: ≤10h

Function 01.jpg

Introduction to Core Features

Intelligent Reception, Enhancing Service Experience.

01 Welcome Reception

Automatic Human Body Sensing in Different Directions and Playback of Welcome and Farewell Messages. Supports Custom Display of Voice and Image Information, Customization of Different Languages for Different Countries and Regions.

Function 02.jpg

02 Mobile Advertising

 A 21.5-inch screen is displayed on the chest, featuring a high-definition touch screen. It can showcase mobile advertising, play videos, deliver promotional reminders, provide product information inquiries, display maps, and more.24-inch display on the back, suitable for corporate advertising.

Function 03.jpg

03 Business Consultation

Customized Voice Dialogue, Supports Building Industry Data Models and Massive Knowledge Bases, Provides Customers with Answers to Various Business Consultation Questions, and Continuously Learns and Optimizes Intelligence (Customizable).

Function 04.jpg

04 Facial Recognition System

The system automatically detects and recognizes faces through a camera, capturing identity information. It performs rapid searches and matches against a pre-existing database of faces to identify the person and initiate a welcoming interaction.

Function 05.jpg

 05 Business Transaction

Convenient for Customers to Handle Business Transactions Such as Information Inquiries, Fee Payments, and Queue Number Calling (Customizable to Specific Needs).


06 Support System Development

Open SDK Package, Open API, Allows Secondary Development According to Application Scenarios, Adding Exclusive Personalized Features to Better Suit Real-World Application Scenarios.

Function 07.jpg

07 Autonomous Avoidance

The robot is equipped with multiple sensors, enabling autonomous localization in complex environments. It utilizes a highly optimized obstacle avoidance algorithm to perceive real-time environmental changes and navigate around obstacles along the planned path, selecting suitable routes to reach the destination successfully.


Scenario Applications

It can be widely applied in public places such as banks, hotels, hospitals, stations, airports, specialty stores, schools, etc. to provide services like welcoming, guided tours, and inquiries. This reduces the workload for customer service personnel while also saving labor costs for users.

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