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Product Details of Autonomous Food Delivery Robot Waiter Restaurant Robot Hotel Robot Service Robot

PandaBot H03

Panda RoBot Robot Waiter Restaurant Fast Food Delivery Robot 

integrates technology, simplicity, and fashion, presenting a cool and cute appearance that captivates the eyes. Its arrival redefines "commercial service robot" by providing a variety of services, including delivery, guidance, and reception at events. With features like photography, autonomous greetings, and voice interactions, PandaBot H01 truly embodies the values of "commercial" and "service," offering a delightful and interactive experience.


Function 01.png

Dual-screen design, so simple

Equipped with a 10.1-inch top touchscreen and a 24-inch high-definition display on the back, the dual-screen design is refreshing. You can set promotional images, videos, and other files during patrol missions to better advertise and promote your services.

Function 02.png

Connect to elevator

Function 03.png

 Automatic Charging

Function 04.png

 Collison Avoidance System

Function 05.png

 HD Screen

Function 06.png

QR Code Scanner

Function 07.png

High-speed Shockproof Chassis

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